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Not only do we care about what your children will become tomorrow, but also we care about who they are today! Their long-term health matters which is why we provide them well-childcare not only sick care.

Naturopathic medicine is one of the best models for providing well-care because of our holistic approach.  We address the root cause of concerns, have many tools for optimizing health and lifestyle routines and are well trained in disease prevention. We also take care in educating the whole family to improve their lifestyle and optimize their health because children will watch and learn from the things they see those closest to them do.  We do this all while using non-invasive, gentle and natural modalities. We always have time to listen to your concerns and address them by finding the root cause to help you resolve them. No rush or need to only discuss one concern at each visit!

Well-care service include but are not limited to the following:

1. During infancy and early childhood:  During this important developmental period we track the growth of your child by reviewing their milestones, social behaviors and learning.  Early on we can help with breastfeeding difficulties, provide guidance to a family regarding the use of various formulas, discuss when and how introduce solid food, promote healthy food habit formation.  As they grow we can advise on toilet training and temper tantrums, healthy sleep habits and also screen your child for psychosocial health and well-being
2.  During late childhood and adolescence:  We educate on and assess the normal trajectory of puberty in boys and girls as well as for normal, precocious or delayed puberty.  We will track their height and weight, continue working with your child on healthy eating habits so as to avoid issues like eating disorders and/or nutrient deficiencies, support healthy sleep habits and continued screening for their psychosocial health and well-being.

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