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Pain Free, Naturally!

Do you have new or persisting pain?

Whether or not it is from a sport or overuse work injury, our Pain Free program can help you to either manage this pain or cure it permanently.

Pain medication is often the first thing suggested for concerns such as muscle tension, low back pain, headaches or ligament/tendon injuries. Medication is only a band-aid solution and associated with many unpleasant side effects and withdrawal symptoms. Also, once you stop taking it, the real problem is still waiting to be resolved.

Dr. Slipacoff, Naturopathic Doctor (ND) and Dr. Bulfon, Chiropractic Doctor (DC) will carefully assess you to identify the cause of your pain and then offer a combined treatment plan that is tailored to suit your needs.

Get Pain Free, Naturally

A KIH Exclusive Program

Core Program includes:

**Latter two components are provided throughout the program

Potential Add On Therapies:
(Discussed in the first appointment)

Treatment Structure:

This program includes a combined approach with Dr. Slipacoff, ND and Dr. Bulfon, DC. It includes 4-6 treatments with each separately.

Initial appointment includes:

  • An assessment by each doctor. If possible, therapy with each is provided including an injection treatment and chiropractic care. These appointments can be received on the same day.
  • Timing of subsequent appointments is discussed.

Second appointment includes:

  • The second injection treatment
  • Nutritional recommendations, vitamins or supplements and lifestyle modifications (such as exercise and stretching prescriptions).
  • Chiropractic care as outlined in the first visit.

The final appointments are provided as outlined in the the first visit.

Most private health care plans will provide full coverage for the cost of this program except for the injection solution – this is typically $20-$40/visit. Call for more details on pricing.

If you suffer from chronic pain, medications are not your only options. Book an appointment with Dr. Slipacoff, ND today to find out if this is the right approach for you.

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