Natural Approaches To Weight Loss

Natural Approaches To Weight Loss

Are You Struggling With Your Weight?

Weight gain is a common issue for many people. With so many fad diet’s being advertised on social media these days, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and uncertain when trying to select the best way to lose weight.  There are many reasons why a person may struggle with weight loss including:  Poor digestion, hormone imbalances (male/female or thyroid hormones), stress, lack of knowledge regarding healthy nutrition practices and portion sizes, engaging in little to no exercise – or alternatively engaging in excessive overly intensive exercise – as well as blood sugar issues and insulin resistance.

Since there are so many potential issues, one size does not fit all when it comes to finding a plan that is best suited for you.  Working with a Naturopathic Doctor can be very helpful not only because they will share their professional experience and advice, but they will also provide continual encouragement and accountability to support you throughout the journey.

Consider working with one of our experienced Naturopathic Doctors.  We will ensure that you are on a safe yet effective road to success.

Our Holistic Approach to Weight Loss

A healthy diet and regular exercise are two important elements of a successful weight loss plan, but they are not the only ones. Other key factors include the identification of food intolerances and/or other digestive issues, mental-emotional concerns, as well as hormone imbalances. Identifying whether or not these play a role in your health, will not only go a long way to help you lose some weight, it will also help you to keep it off in the long run. In the initial appointment your Naturopathic Doctor will conduct a thorough hour long assessment targeted at discovering your individual road block(s) to success.  By the second, you will leave with a holistic plan that focuses on correcting any root cause concerns, through effective nutritional recommendations, supplements and lifestyle changes.

How We Can Help You

Most healthcare practitioners agree that is best to lose weight gradually.  This helps to reduce the occurrence of side effects associated with quick weight loss including nutritional deficiencies, a slower metabolism and decreased likelihood of long-term success.  If you are interested in making long term changes that will not only help you lose weight, but also improve overall level of health, then read more about our Naturopathic Doctor led treatment plan here: