Frequent Infections

Frequent Infections

Do you want to make your immune system stronger?

We are facing a triple threat of infections this cold and flu season including the RSV, flu virus and COVID.  As a result, now more then ever we need to think about ways to strengthen our immune system. How your body responds to an infection is largely influenced by how you fuel it along with the type of lifestyle habits you lead.  Fortunately, there are many effective natural options to consider.

What are the signs and symptoms of a poor immune system?

Frequent infections are not the only sign of a weakened immune system, it can also manifast as conditions such as eczema, allergies or fibromyalgia. The first step to strengthening your immune defence is to identify the factors that are having a negative impact on it.  Do you have a nutrient deficient diet?  Are you eating too many refined and processed carbohydrates?  Are your stress levels high? Excessive antiobiotic use or immuno-suppressant medications can also weaken the immune system. Having a trained healthcare practitioner thoroughly assess you to reveal the core issues can bring you one step closer to knowing which treatments options are best suited to you. Read more about our personalized approach to helping patients build a strength immune response.

How We Support Optimal Immune Function

The conventional approach of treating infections with just antibiotics, anti-virals or anti-fungals (depending on the cause of infection) is often short-sighted. Though these medications can be lifesaving at times, they do little to create a stronger immune system in the long run.  Too many courses of antibiotics can disrupt your microbial balance and gut function, making you even more susceptible to future infections.

Our approach to strengthening immune function is to identify any issues that may be weakening your immune response. We then provide patients with a holistic treatment plan that addresses areas of concern with the use of natural treatments such as clinical nutrition, immune boosting supplements, as well as supportive lifestyle recommendations. IV Vitamin Immune Drips may also be recommended due to their ability to increase key vitamins and minerals used to fight infections. These treatments deliver high doses of vitamin c, zinc, lysine, glutathione and other key nutrients.

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There are many benefits associated with improving your immune health.  Along with improving your energy, you will most likely also experience better digestion, less sick days and an enhanced ability to stress manage and enjoy life. Don’t waste another day not feeling your best! Fill out the form below and we will be in touch very shortly to get you started.