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KIH: Hear all about us

What’s New At KIH Clinic!

Below is a listing of what’s new and exciting at the clinic.

Early Detection in Cancer Prevention

This month, we are launching a free cancer risk assessment.  During this assessment you will have a brief review of your diet, lifestyle , environmental, genetic and family history performed by our cancer focused Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Sarah Tayebi, ND to determine what your level of risk is. She will also help to find areas to improve upon in order to help reduce this risk.  Call us today to learn more and book your free evaluation by clicking on the button below and scrolling to the bottom, or  READ MORE.

We’re Hiring a Naturopathic Doctor

This position is filled!

Digital Cookbook from Leora Barak, RHN!

Leeks, Limes & Love is a compilation of some of my family’s favourite recipes. The recipes here are healing, nourishing and absolutely delicious. They’re also really easy and quick to prepare, with just a few wholesome ingredients.

Get your copy here.