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Natural Approaches To Weight Loss

A Customized Plan To Meet Your Weight Loss Needs

Do you feel heavy, bloated and just not well?

We all function better following a consistent routine including nutritious meals and an active lifestyle.  Sometimes we just need a helping hand and some accountability when it comes to maintaining that balance.  Let us help get your health back on track with an effective yet sustainable nutrition and lifestyle plan.

What can I expect? 

First visit:  A complete assessment reviewing your current concerns and health history. Your Naturopathic Doctor will ensure that you have either had relevant nutrient and other metabolically-based blood tests ordered recently, and if not will order you new ones to ensure they have a complete picture of any obstacles that may be standing in your way.  Food intolerance and/or hormone testing might also be recommended at this time.  Finally, a body composition test and waist to hip measurements will be performed in order to establish a base line for comparison at future visits.

Second visit:  Blood work and any other diagnostic test results will be reviewed along with the start of your treatment plan including a “reset” cleansing plan, nutritional guidelines, natural supplements and menu planning idea’s.

Third visit:  Following the completion of the initial cleansing plan, your measurements will be reassessed and a longterm nutritional and supplement plan will be reviewed. This includes a sustainable set of guidelines that will allow for some flexibility, while maintaining progressive weight loss improvements.

Long term support:  As many of us have experienced, weight loss is not always easy to maintain.  We will provide supervision, accountability and inspirational support in order to facilitate long term success. Troubleshooting, lab test re-assessments, along with body composition re-testing as well as measurements and new meal planning recommendations to keep things fresh are all provided to keep you on track with your weight loss goals.

The Result?  Benefits of working to improve your body composition naturally are life long.  Engaging in the healthy lifestyle practices we recommend for our patients often leads to a better state of mental health, increased energy levels, more effective stress management skills and an improved overall sense of optimal health and wellness.

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