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Weigh-To-Bliss Weight Loss Program

This unique Weight Loss Program developed by Kleinburg Integrative Health’s Nutritionist, Leora Barak, will help you achieve natural and sustainable results. The goal of it lies on supporting your weight loss journey while, at the same time, empowering you as you comply with an easy-to-follow guideline with simple dietary and lifestyle changes. The Program will allow you to take control and feel good about yourself while losing the extra pounds.

The Program will offer support for a period of 3-6 months, with no judgement and will teach you how to hold yourself accountable during the journey. It’s not a diet, per se, but a gentle and sustainable way of living which will encourage you not only to lose the weight but to keep it off for good.

The Program will also educate on how factors such as stress, levels of activity and sleep can affect your weight loss. The concept of mindfulness takes precedent and helps you understand that beyond eating, all aspects of our life are intertwined. This Program is not about eating less, or not eating. It’s about eating right and enjoying every morsel while doing so. It’s also about assuming a new lifestyle, a new way of thinking, adapting to it and never wanting to go back.


  • 1 – 60 minute comprehensive assessment with our Registered Nutritionist
  • 4 – 45 minute follow up sessions with our Registered Nutritionist (every 2-4 weeks)
  • Detailed customized Health Plan with dietary, supplements & lifestyle recommendations
  • Personalized 7-day Meal Plan with simple & delicious recipes
  • Educational material and relevant handouts
  • Email/phone support for the duration of 3-6 months, as appropriate

POSSIBLE TESTING (if deemed necessary, at an additional cost)

  • Food sensitivity testing –performed at the clinic

If you are looking to become healthier, purge toxins, boost your metabolism, transform your body, keep the weight off for good and, in the process, find your bliss, then this Weight Loss Program is the ‘weigh to go’!!

Book a free 15-minute consultation with Leora Barak, our Registered Nutritionist, to see how we can help.

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