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IV Nutrient Therapy Programs

A Safe, Effective and Innovative Therapy

Vitamin Drips are a safe and innovative treatment that allow for vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to be administered directly into the blood stream through an IV drip. They supply a higher dose of usable nutrients to the cells of the body then supplementation or diet alone, by bypassing the liver and digestive system. Vitamin drips are helpful for many health concerns, including frequent infections, fatigue, stress, chronic fatigue syndrome, anxiety and multiple chemical sensitivity.

KIH offers a comfortable IV lounge where patients may receive a variety of IV treatments. Read on for a more detailed description about each one.

Immune Boost

Does it seem like you’re constantly getting sick? Or it takes forever to get over an infection once it hits?  A healthy immune system is best obtained within a healthy body!  This IV drip can help with just that. This solution can help you to achieve optimal health from the inside out.
Read about the details here: Immune Boost Drip


Athletic Edge

Whether you are struggling with physical fitness or pushing yourself to the limit, this treatment can provide you with the essential elements needed to enhance your performance, increase strength, reduce fatigue and shorten recovery time.
Read about the details here:  Athletic Edge Drip


Energy Lift

Does fatigue and/or stress have a common place in your life? If you are feeling constantly tired or like you can never get enough sleep, it could be due to nutrient deficiencies, a poor lifestyle or the consequence of chronic stress. At KIH, we offer a treatment focused on first identifying the cause, and then re-establishing healthy function to get you back to your “old” self again.
Read about the details here:  Energy Lift Drip


Myers Cocktail

This is one of the most commonly used intravenous (IV) vitamin and mineral formula’s. The solution includes magnesium, calcium, selenium, B vitamins, vitamin C and other nutrients that are helpful in treating many common conditions. The vitamin drip bypasses absorption issues that often result from commonly experienced digestive issues. The treatment is 20 to 40 minutes long and very safe when administered by a qualified professional like any our Naturopathic Doctors.


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