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Hormone Bliss!

Does it seem like ever since you hit your 40s or 50s you just haven’t felt the same?

Symptoms of peri or post-menopause include weight gain, hot flashes, sleep disruption, fatigue,  just to name a few. These are typically the result of or intensified by a hormone imbalance and can often be resolved naturally with modest lifestyle changes and the right supplements.

Though menopause is an inevitable stage of life, it doesn’t have to be a negative experience! 

Healthy hormone levels can improve how you think, feel, see yourself, behave and age; so rebalancing them is critical not just to relieve uncomfortable symptoms but also to stop the progression to a more deep rooted illness.   How we can help… Our hormone heaven treatment approach will help you to achieve optimal health from the inside out.

A Complete Assessment.

Since every women’s chemistry is unique, it is essential to conduct a complete assessment to determine the root of the problem.  Our Hormone Heaven treatment approach not only includes a review of your unique concerns and health history, but also in depth diagnostic testing to better assess your actual hormone levels. This may include blood, salivary or urine testing done by either the DUTCH or CHI tests.  The pro’s and con’s of each will be discussed in your first appointment with one of our trained Naturopathic Doctors.

A Customized Treatment Plan.

Once the root of your symptoms has been determined, a treatment plan including one or a combination of the following will be reviewed to help get you on your path to better health:

The Result?

Safe and effective personalized care that supports a comfortable and graceful transition to a healthy balanced life!  Don’t waste another day not feeling your best, learn how you can balance your hormones so that you can start feeling like YOU again.

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Treating Naturopaths


Dr. Jessica Cardona, ND


Dr. Susan Slipacoff, ND

Insurance Coverage:  Most private health care plans will provide coverage for the services and assessments included in this program. Call for more details on pricing.

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