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KIH Immune Wellness Care

Does it seem like you are constantly getting sick?

Or can it take forever to get over an infection once it sets in?  Our Naturopathic Doctors can help!

Your unique plan will be determined through an understanding of your current health status and blood work, nutritional, lifestyle and stress management needs, along with environmental factors such as exposure to young children (i.e. teachers or parents) or toxic moulds/chemicals. This assessment will take place during the initial appointment so please bring any relevant lab work, current supplements or medications with you.

A Personalized Treatment Plan

Once this initial information is gathered, a treatment plan including one or a combination of the following will be reviewed to get you on your path to better health:

  • Clinical nutritional guidelines
  • Natural supplementation
  • Natural immune drinkable ampoules (administered during appointments) that contain homeopathic remedies to strengthen your immune system
  • Relevant lifestyle modifications and stress management counselling
  • IV Vitamin drip immune treatments if additional nutritional support is required

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