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Energy Revitalization IV Therapy Program

Recharge Yourself From The Inside Out!

Do you feel like there are only a couple of hours throughout the day when you actually feel energetic?   And does it seem like you can never get enough sleep or that it’s like torture trying to get out of bed in the morning?

There are many reasons for low energy levels including nutrient deficiencies (often iron and B12), poor diet, thyroid or other hormone imbalances, insomnia and mood disorders.  A quite common cause we see often at KIH clinic is related to chronic stress.  Excessive stress due to trauma, grief or a very busy lifestyle can effect your stress glands leading to an issue called adrenal gland dysfunction.   Symptoms can vary from person to person but they most commonly they include, fatigue and foggy thinking, irritability, mood swings, frequent urination, food cravings and difficulty loosing or maintaining weight.  If this is the cause for you, it can often take time, patience and specialized guidance in order to repair and correct their function.


How we can help…

At KIH clinic we offer a program focused on identifying the cause of your low energy.  This investigation starts with a detailed assessment including a health history and lab testing to assess nutrient and hormone levels abnormalities.  We also conduct a complete nutritional and lifestyle review in order to investigate dietary, sleep and stress related contributors of your fatigue.


A Customized Treatment Plan.

The ND’s at KIH do not use a cookie cutter approach to treatment.  They will tailor the plan to address your unique cause of fatigue thereby helping you to feel like your “old” self again.  IV vitamin drips often help at this stage because they provide a direct nutrient to blood delivery system for the various vitamins and minerals administered.

Typically one or a combination of the following are also included in your plan:

  • Nutritional guidelines
  • Personalized supplement or herbal remedy advice
  • Lifestyle and stress management counselling


The outcome?  A newer, happier and healthy you!

Don’t waste another day not feeling your best.  Through the use of clinical nutrition, stress management, IV nutrient therapy and herbal medicine or supplements, our Naturopathic Doctors, Dr. Slipacoff  and Dr. Mak will help you to feel revitalized once again!


IV Therapy Naturopathic Doctors


Dr. Polina, ND.


Dr. Susan Slipacoff, ND

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