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Do you dread when “that time of month” comes around or have related fertility concerns?

Endometriosis affects an estimated 2 to 10 percent of American women between the ages of 25 and 40.  Sufferers often experience unpleasant premenstrual symptoms including intense cramping/pain and a heavy flow.  Other symptoms include pain during intercourse and infertility.  Interestingly however, some women are asymptomatic. The exact cause is unknown however genetics and hormonal imbalances likely play a role.

If you have this condition it is important to get to the root of the problem, especially if you are concerned about your fertility and would like to have children.  The Naturopathic Doctors at KIH have long standing experience treating women with endometriosis and can review the up-to-date natural treatment options that are gentle and will help to promote positive change.

The First Step – A Complete Assessment

What is the root cause of your endometriosis?  Is it a genetic predisposition superimposed with a  external factors resulting in a state of hormone imbalance?  Our Healthy hormones plan, led by the clinic’s Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) involves a complete health and lifestyle assessment to identify any predisposing and/or associated issues.  Our NDs will  also advise you on the relevant blood work or laboratory testing required to uncover any associated nutritional deficiencies, biochemical or hormonal imbalances.  If additional testing is indicated over and above what has already been done, we will advise you accordingly.   This testing may include a comprehensive hormone analysis through the blood or urine.  The pro’s and con’s of each test will be discussed with you.



A Customized Treatment Plan

Once the core issues effecting your natural hormone balance have been identified, your naturopathic doctor will formulate a treatment plan that includes one or a combination of the following naturopathic treatments:

The Result?  Benefits of working to balance your hormones naturally often includes an improved sense of mental wellness and energy levels, period regularity, skin health, decreased PMS, optimal weight and if needed, better stress management skills leading to an improved sense of overall wellness.


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