Kleinburg Integrative Health:

Naturopathic Digestive Wellness Plan

Your treatment plan is determined by an understanding of your digestive triggers, as well as nutritional, lifestyle and stress management factors.

Initial Assessment (may include 1 or all):

  • A complete health and lifestyle review to identify potential digestive distress triggers
  • Physical exam
  • Food intolerance testing
  • Blood work

The KIH Exclusive Program includes 4 naturopathic appointments which review the following treatments:

  • A cleansing program
  • Longterm dietary & lifestyle modifications
  • Individualized naturopathic supplement recommendations
  • A strain-specific probiotic personalized to your particular needs

Add on: For a detailed 7-day customized meal plan by our holistic nutritionist add an additional $195+HST to this package (includes 2 visits, a meal plan and recipes)

The outcome of this digestive care plan? A newer, happier and more comfortable YOU!

Don’t waste another day not feeling your best.  Fill out your contact information on the side or call the clinic to schedule either an informatory consultation or your first appointment with either Dr. Slipacoff, ND or Dr. Cardona, ND.

Program Cost: $500
Includes 4 naturopathic appointments, treatment guidelines and a probiotic formulaiton. $465 can be covered by extended health care benefits.  Food sensitivity testing/bloodwork or additional supplements are not included in the program fee.

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