Kleinburg Integrative Health:

KIH HeartSmart Program

Your heart health treatment plan is determined by an understanding of your overall health including cardiovascular blood test markers, nutritional, lifestyle and stress management needs.

Initial Appointment and Assessment:

  • A complete health and lifestyle review to identify your overall cardiovascular risk
  • A complaint-oriented physical exam
  • Body composition testing
  • A review of relevant blood work and recommendations for any additional testing

    (depending on your individual circumstances, the assessment may include 1 or all of the above)

Treatment Plan includes 3 naturopathic appointments (4 visits total including the initial assessment) which will review:

  • Lab test results and assessment
  • 2 body composition tests
  • First Line Therapy Nutritional Plan
  • Vitamin or herbal medicine recommendations
  • Stress management recommendations
  • 2 week follow-up appointment once plan has been initiated to ensure easability and compliance
  • 2-3 month follow-up including body composition testing, review of current test results if performed, and modifications to original treatment plan if necessary.

If you would like expert support on how to bring optimal wellness to your cardiovascual system, book an appointment with Dr. Cardona or Dr. Slipacoff, ND today to find out if this is the right approach for you.

Program cost: $475

Most private health care plans offer coverage for the services included in this plan.

Supplements and lab tests are a separate fee.  Lab tests are not always required and recommended solely on an individual bases. They are claimable by most insurance plans.

Treating Naturopaths

Dr. Jessica Cardona, ND


Dr. Susan Slipacoff, ND

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