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Healthy Moods Wellness Plan

Are you suffering from insomnia, anxiety or depression and/or overall feelings of distress?

You are not alone, our Naturopathic Doctors can help. 

Initially, many sufferers go to their doctor with this concern and are offered a medication to treat their symptoms. The issue with using this as the sole treatment for anxiety is that it is not a cure.  Many patients report unpleasant side effects including flattened emotions, insomnia and depending on the specific medication, weight gain can also result.  The opportunity to deal with the underlying issues causing the anxiety may also be lost due to the dampening of emotions.

The good news is that there are many natural solutions for you to consider.

The First Step – A Complete Assessment:  What is causing you to have these feelings?  Is it an underlying medical condition, genetic predisposition, lack of learned coping skills, the result of trauma, medication side effect or a nutritional deficiency?  Our Healthy Moods Wellness plan, led by the clinic’s Naturopathic Doctors, involves a complete health and lifestyle assessment to identify any predisposing and/or associated issues related to your specific mood concern.  They will  also advise you on the relevant blood work or laboratory testing required to uncover any associated nutritional deficiencies or biochemical imbalances.

A Customized Treatment Plan:  Once the core issues have been identified, your doctor will formulate a treatment plan for you that includes one or a combination of the following naturopathic treatments:

Additional therapies like Relaxation Massage and Psychotherapy may also be discussed however if you have a specific interest in either of these treatments right from the start, then be sure to mention it to your Naturopathic Doctor.

The Result?

Benefits of improving your overall state of wellbeing often include:

– Improved sense of mentall wellness & energy levels
– Improved sleep patterns
– Decreased mental fogginess
– Decreased or a complete cessation of anxiety/panic attacks
– Stress management skills and a improved sense of self empowerment

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