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Autism Support Delivered

Autism Spectrum Disorder, Pervasive Development Disorder and other neurodevelopment disorders are reaching epidemic proportions. Today 1/68 children are diagnosed with ASD alone.  In Canada over the past 10 years, the prevalence has increased by over 100%.

Since ASD is defined as a spectrum, no two children present the same! To varying degrees, these children may experience difficulty with social interaction and communication and may demonstrate restricted and repetitive behaviors.  Research has shown that genetic and environmental factors are linked to ASD.  Since our genetics are influenced by our environment, naturopathic medicine plays a major role in supporting a healthy internal environment for children with ASD.


Naturopathic Treatment Approach:

At KIH, we strive to meet your child’s individual needs using a comprehensive approach.  Starting with the basics including sleep and digestion, we will work with you and your child to improve immune function, nutrient balance and cognitive and behavioral traits through the identification of nutrient deficiencies, metabolic abnormalities and/or microbial issues.  Treatment includes a personalized approach to optimize nutrition, advise on the most effective natural supplements and work with you and your childs other caregivers in order to provide the most complete care possible.


Early intervention is key!  While this protocol can be used on individuals of any age, it is important to note that early intervention is key.  Since the positive effects are more pronounced in young children, it is recommended to start your child on his/her program as soon as possible.


Treating Naturopath

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