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Cancer Prevention

The Importance of Early Detection

Cancer is the leading cause of death in Canada. Based on the Canadian Cancer Society’s Advisory Committee on Cancer Statistics in 2017, nearly half of Canadian develop some cancer during their lifetime and one quarter of them die from their cancer. Government funded early cancer detection screening programs are available including pap smear for cervical cancer, mammography for breast cancer and colonoscopy tests which allow for the detection of colon or colorectal cancer in their early stages. All of these increase the chance of survival and reduce the side effects and cost of advanced treatments. Unfortunately, a cancer diagnosis, the related treatments and the constant fear of recurrence put so much mental and physical stress on patients and their families. It is life changing no matter if the cancer is found in the most early stages or in a more advanced stage.

So the question is: Is cancer preventable?

The answer is: Yes! Very often it is.

We can prevent many cancers from occurring in first place if we are able to identify individual risk factors and modify the ones we can change. Some risk factors such as sex, age, family history and genetic susceptibilities can’t be altered, but there are still many factors that can be identified and modified to help prevent cancer.

  • Optimizing diet and address nutritional deficiencies
  • Smoke and alcohol cessation or reduction
  • Stress management and learning techniques to actively cope with stress
  • Achieve and maintaining healthy body weight
  • Improving physical activity
  • Identify and reduce environmental toxins such as improving air and water quality, reduce exposure to known cancerogenic chemicals such as BPA, xenobiotics, and heavy metals.
  • Skin care and avoid unprotected sun exposure
  • Practice and learn safe sex

At Kleinburg Integrative Health we can help you to identify and modify your risk for cancer. We are also proud to have a LGBTQ friendly environment where we can discuss specific challenges of cancer prevention for the LGBTQ community.

Dr. Sarah Tayebi, ND is being so kind as to offer a free individual risk assessment visit during which she can quickly identify the areas you need to improve upon. if you are interested, you can make an appointment to develop an individualized plan and start to take action.


Don’t hesitate to book a free individual cancer risk assessment visit for yourself and your loved ones. This is the best and first step you can take to improve the quality of your life and overall longevity.

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