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Age Appropriate Jobs for Kids

Dr. Susan Slipacoff, ND
September 2021

Where did this summer go!  Hopefully you made the best of it and filled your time with many happy memories. September has a lot to offer too though with the beautiful fresh air, chance to go to farmers markets, apple picking and getting back into a healthy daily routine.  With school starting, it’s also a great time to get your child into a positive routine and offer a helping hand around the house. It’s really a win-win because it helps you, the parent, out and it also teaches them about responsibility and appreciation. In fact, research has shown that children thrive on routines and encouraging them to do chores around the house actually helps to bring out the best in them in many other ways.

Here are some jobs for kids categorized by age, from the positive parenting solutions website, www.positiveparentingsolutions.com:

18 months – 3 years:

  • Turn off lights while being carried
  • Help put groceries away
  • Carry in the newspaper or mail
  • Fold washcloths
  • Get own cereal or snack from kid-friendly containers
  • Take clothes out the dryer and put into a basket
  • Pick up toys and clothes
  • Put plastic dishes in the dishwasher

4-6 years old (All the above, plus more)

  • Get up in the morning with an alarm clock
  • Put dishes in the dishwasher
  • Help find and count grocery items in the store
  • Measure soap for dishwasher and start cycle
  • Fold towels
  • Sort white clothes from dark ones for laundry
  • Prepare simple breakfast/lunch and clean up
  • Transfer clothes from the washer to the dryer
  • Help measure ingredients

7-10 years old (All of the previous jobs, plus more)

  • Bathe younger siblings (with you present in the case of very young siblings)
  • Help wash and vacuum the car
  • Wash and dry the dishes
  • Fix snacks, salads and light meals
  • Help read recipes
  • Run washing machine and dryer
  • Fold their clothes and put clean laundry away
  • Change sheets on the bed
  • Pack lunch for school
  • Read to younger siblings
  • Rake leaves

11-15 years old (All of the above, plus more)

  • Baby sit (with proper training)
  • Plan route for family outings in consultation with driver
  • Prepare full family meal 1 day per week
  • More detailed house cleaning – refrigerator, toilet, shower
  • Buy groceries from a list
  • Wash and wax the car
  • Mow lawn, rake leaves and spread mulch
  • Total responsibility for family pets
  • Plant garden and flowers at change of season
  • Laundry start to finish

16-18 years old (All of the above, plus more)

  • Run errands
  • Take care of house/garden/car
  • Maintain car
  • Help with family budget
  • Handle their own budget and bank account
  • Plan holiday decorating and events

Not only will getting your kids to engage with some of these household tasks help them to build a sense of responsibility and usefulness, it can also be relationship building when you are able to cook together and create beautiful gardens.  Go to www.positiveparentingsolutions.com for many more tips on ways to positive parent and help your child grow to be the best person they can be.

I hope you enjoyed this article!
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Dr. Susan Slipacoff, ND
Clinic Founder, Naturopathic Doctor,
Bioidentical Hormone and IV Therapy Practitioner



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