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Be Your Best Self – Weight Loss Program

In 2014, 5.3 million Canadians were classified as being obese based on their height and weight. Obesity comes with a number of complications including diabetes, atherosclerosis, arthritis, and cardiovascular issues, just to name a few. Losing weight is not easy and it is even more difficult when you don’t really understand the components to your weight loss program.

In the Be Your Best Self Program, everything about weight loss and diet is broken down for you. The main goal is to teach you valuable life sustaining habits to help you lose weight and keep it off. This program will also help you to identify underlying causes of your weight gain. This is an information-based program that includes 5 weekly one on one seminars plus 1 shopping trip with Dr. Perri, ND.

Seminar Schedule

Week 1: Introduction to the program. This will include 3 in office activities that will kick start a healthy weight loss mentality. Goal setting will be key during this week to help you prepare for the coming weeks.

Week 2: Protein, Carbs, Fats, & Fibres. The building blocks to food all broken down for you. What these compounds do in your body, how your body uses them for fuel and to grow, and what benefits each of these types of foods have for you. The activity for this week is to design a food plate guide.

Week 3: Stress & Hormones. This is a detailed seminar that outlines the effects stress has on our bodies and why that affects the ability to lose weight. Stress effects on hormones will also be discussed as it relates to thyroid imbalances, menopause, anxiety/depression and andropause. The activity for this week is to identify stress triggers and create coping strategies to deal with them.

Week 4: Food Labels & Food Sensitivities. This week, you will learn about the components of food labels and how to read them. You will also learn about health claims that may be harming your weight loss journey. Food sensitivities will be discussed and why it may impede weight loss. This weeks activity will be focused on food labels.

Week 5: Maintenance. This week will be a summary of everything that you have learned over the last 4 weeks. It will also introduce you to strategies to help you prevent relapse and weight gain. Depending on the number and type of goals you set in week 1, you will have the opportunity to seek guidance on whether you are on the right track or, if you need to reassess the goals you set.

Week 6Shopping Day. Dr. Perri, ND will be your guide in the local grocery store to help you make the best choices when you shop. This will be putting what you learned in Week 4 about food labels into action!

Program Options

  • Week 3: Stress and Hormones is when people learn about conditions that may cause weight gain and compare this information to their individual symptoms. For further assessment and potential testing, additional visits are available (for an additional fee) to help address the core reason of your weight gain.
  • Bring 2 friends! Make this program something that you and 2 friends can go to together. It will make the weekly sessions more engaging and provide you with a close knit support group that is so imperative in your weight loss journey. The best part is that the program fee can be split 3 ways!

Choose this weight loss program if . . .

  • you want to learn the basics about food
  • you want to know what things in your life that may be impeding your weight loss
  • you want to educate yourself, friends and family members
  • don’t know how to change your dietary habits
  • you don’t know what foods you should or should not be eating


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Dr. Daniella Perri, ND

She looks forward to working with you to help you achieve your health goals!

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