Healthy Moods Treatment Plan

Healthy Moods Treatment Plan

Healthy Moods Wellness Plan

If you are suffering from mood concerns including anxiety or depression and/or overall feelings of distress, you are not alone, and our Naturopathic Doctors and Psychotherapists can help.  Mental health concerns are an issue now more then ever.  There are multiple reasons for this including, the pressures of school, work, maintaining a work-life balance, as well as the after effects of dealing with a pandemic lock down, just to name a few.  Many people either suffer alone, or they go to their doctor looking for support.  Medications are often prescribed without even looking at what the root causes are. The issue is that medications are not a cure, but more so a management strategy.  They also may result in many unpleasant side effects including dulled emotions, insomnia, weight gain, low libido and headaches.

The good news is there are many effective natural solutions for you to consider.

The Assessment

The first step we take is to investigate why you are having these feelings.  Causes often include a lack of coping skills or traumatic event, a side effect from medication, a nutrient deficiency or the result of acute or chronic stress.  We use the following to help uncover this root cause:

  • A complete health and lifestyle assessment to identify any predisposing and/or associated issues related to your specific mood concern(s).
  • A review of your most recent blood work, followed by  advice on additional tests that might help to uncover any potential nutritient deficiencies and/or biochemical imbalances.  Read more about those lab panels here:  Comprehensive Lab Testing
  • A review of your current supplements and/or medications, nutrient intake and other lifestyle factors including stress management skills.

Your Customized Treatment Plan

Once the assessment has been completed and the lab results have been processed and reviewed, your Naturopathic Doctor will formulate a treatment plan using the most suitable natural treatment available. Depending on the root cause of your concerns, these treatments often include one or a combination of the following:

To help support you through the healing process, follow up appointments are scheduled every 2-6 weeks. They are used to gauge progress and to ensure you are receiving the support you need.  Regular modifications to your plan along with continual encouragement will be provided, helping to promote long lasting mental health improvements.

Start Today!

The benefits of improving your mental wellbeing are countless.  Along with improving your mood, you will most likely also experience better energy levels and an enhanced ability to stress manage and enjoy life. Don’t waste another day not feeling your best! Fill out the form below and we will be in touch very shortly to get you started.