FAQs: Psychotherapists

FAQs: Psychotherapists

Frequently Asked Questions About Psychotherapists

Q: What is a Psychotherapist?

A:  A Registered Psychotherapist is a health care professional that works with individuals, couples and families in individual and group settings. Psychotherapists are registered and regulated by the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO). In Ontario, only a member of the CRPO may call herself a Psychotherapist. Psychotherapists work from the premise that mental and emotional health issues and crises are opportunities for growth and change. Psychotherapists help people to overcome stress, emotional and relationship problems or troublesome habits.

Q: How do I know if I’m seeing a licensed Psychotherapist?

A: Psychotherapists are registered and regulated by the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO). In Ontario, only a member of CRPO may call himself or herself a Psychotherapist. The CRPO maintains an up-to-date list of Registered Psychotherapists in the province of Ontario at https://www.crpo.ca/find-a-registered-psychotherapist/

Q: Why would I see a Psychotherapist?

A: There can be many different reasons for seeing a psychotherapist: you might be going through a particularly challenging time in your life and need some support; you might feel frustrated by the repetition of certain patterns in your life and relationships and wish to understand yourself better and make more helpful choices. Also, you might be suffering from certain symptoms and need help with those or have a wish to develop new coping skills; seeing a psychotherapist could be a part of your own process of personal development. It is often difficult to recognize when help is needed. Listed below are some of the reasons why people see a Psychotherapist. If you or someone you care about is experiencing problems such as these, think about consulting a Psychotherapist.

  • You are depressed
  • You suffer from phobias
  • You are addicted to alcohol or other drugs
  • You have difficulty getting along with your partner, family, or co-workers
  • You are faced with a major life change
  • You are overwhelmed or “burned out” by workplace stress
  • You are having problems with parenting
  • You simply feel like you need someone to talk to, either to unburden yourself, to develop healthy strategies, or to provide support not available from other people in your life
  • You are faced with grief/bereavement problems
  • You suffer from low self-worth/self-devaluing

Q: Is Psychotherapy covered under OHIP?

A: Psychotherapy services are not currently covered by OHIP, but their services are either partially or fully covered by extended health insurance plans. The coverage for each carrier is different so please check with your plan to se what coverage is available for Psychotherapy services.

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