Ear Infections

Ear Infections

Ear Bugs Be Gone!!

Does your child experience multiple ear infections (or other infections) each year?  Have antibiotics become a regular course of treatment? Is your doctor talking to you about putting tubes in your child’s ears but you are not so certain that’s the next best step?

Learn how to help prevent infection and avoid any potentially unnecessary medical interventions by reading more about this immune boosting program!

Our Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Tayebi, ND, will aim to identify & remove potential triggers such as food allergies and provide immune boosting strategies to prevent reoccurrences.  Additionally, if your child is suffering from an acute ear infection, Dr. Tayebi, ND can suggest alternative or adjunctive natural treatments.

The Naturopathic Process:

The Initial Assessment will include a health and lifestyle review to identify factors that may be negatively impacting your childs immune function. Important elements of a physical exam will be performed along with a discussion regarding relevant testing which may include:  Food sensitivity testing and/or blood work to assess the immune cells, blood sugar, nutrient levels and a celiac disease panel if indicated.

Follow up appointments:

Lifestyle recommendations will be discussed as they related to your specific childs needs.  These may include sleep hygeine, stress management and/or exercise/activity guidelines.  Improvements to your childs diet will be discussed and if food sensitivity testing or blood work was performed then hypoallergenic nutritional guidelines and related natural supplements will be reviewed all to support the immune system and/or addressing an acute ear infection.   Future appointments are spread apart to allow the body to adapt to the new changes on a more longterm basis, however if acute ear infections occur, an acute visit can be made.

Are you tired of all the medications? It’s time to build your child’s immune system so that you can say goodbye to antibiotics and paediatric pain medication.

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Tayebi, ND to have your child completely assessed.  Our Children’s Immune program is effective at identifying immune stressors and boosting their immune systems. What’s better than seeing your child healthy and happy?

KIH Naturopathic Doctor:

Treatments are performed by:

Dr. Sarah Tayebi, ND
Naturopathic Doctor