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Weight Loss Beware:  The Truth About Weight Loss

Written by: Dr. Jessica Cardona, ND

With the growing concern of obesity, body image, and overall health and well-being, weight loss has become the focus of common marketing tactic in today’s society. Many Canadians have concerns with their weight and with the number of diet programs, fad diets, and supplements on the market and in the media, it is no wonder that Canadians have become more confused than ever when trying to determine the right approach.

Many quick fix programs involve the use of gimmicky pills and fat burning devices.  They will also often use dramatic before and after pictures in attempt to persuade the reader/listener. Unfortunately, the majority of these programs and ‘fad diets’ are ineffective in the long term and can sometimes be dangerous. Often times, programs cause weight loss through caloric restriction and aggressive eliminations and more often than not, the dieter can re-gain the weight they initially lost once the program has been completed.

Optimal weight loss focuses on positive lifestyle changes. The ideal weight loss program would not only involve the adoption of healthy lifestyle modifications, but the patient would need to be committed and empowered towards improving their overall health and well-being.

Naturopathic Doctors and other trained healthcare professionals, medically supervise your weight loss program, focusing on your individual metabolic needs. With a thorough initial intake and health assessment, we can determine whether your concerns may require further blood work, including thyroid function, glucose levels, or hormonal assessment. By assessing any metabolic dysfunctions, you can ensure optimal weight loss, under a doctor’s care. This individualize approach will also focus on the fundamentals of health including dietary management, detoxification, lymphatic drainage, exercise, customized nutraceutical program, and lifestyle management. Weight loss is more than a program, it must include positive lifestyle changes that can be implemented and sustained for a lifetime to achieve optimal weight maintenance and health. There is no better time to be your best self. So take matters into your own hands and seek real solution by licensed healthcare professionals.

If you or a loved one would like to loose weight, be sure to talk to Dr. Jessica Cardona, ND about how naturopathy can help.

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