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What is Aromatherapy?

It is the advanced study of the structural and chemical components of plants, herbs, roots and fruits to use for the purpose of promoting health and wellbeing through a holistic approach.

Aromatherapy takes a very holistic approach to treatment which is best defined as treating the whole person (mind, body, spirit).  For your certified aromatherapist, the knowledge of the advanced study of aromatherapy that they have completed, is used to make safe and personalized oil blends for each of their clientscases. The personalized oil blends made for the client are then incorporated into a gentle and comforting aromatherapy treatmentpromoting stressrelief and health for that person.

The treatment will inevitably relax the body, but the essential oils chosen and used for treatment will also address the mind and spirit (affecting moods and feelings) as scent and the therapeutic effects of the organic materials used will travel throughout the persons system. This is what it means to treat thewholeperson for the Certified Aromatherapist healthcare practitioner.

How you will feel, besides relief of stress, is the unique part of each personstreatment as those results will always vary in some way due to the activation of all senses. This is why the feedback you give to your certified aromatherapist is key to updating your future treatments to give you the best treatments possible with the power of plants.

What are Essential Oils?

It is the very potent liquid of a plant, root or fruit when squeezed out. Essential oils, and carrier oils also, are byproducts of an organic material.  All essential oils are not the same.  Literature pieces and studies show that natural plants are not all created equal and therefore must be used with caution, knowledge, wisdom and great respect to ensure safety when using them. It is the reason why a Certified Aromatherapist Healthcare Practitioner (CAHP) is very useful for taking care of your health in this department.

What is a Certified Aromatherapist Healthcare Practitioner?

A Certified Aromatherapist Healthcare Practitioner (CAHP) is a certified therapist of aromatherapy that has undergone the very intensive studies to use the art of aromatherapy in practice and in public with a certifiable aromatherapy teacherA CAHP will not only do the treatments for you, but they teach you how to use essential and carrier oils safely, relative to your own personal health history and preferences, at home. When using their services, they will make a specific blend for you, onsite, to use for your homecareIt is generally safer and most beneficial for your health when compared to using preblended mixtures, because your therapist will always have fresher oils, make it specifically for you, and this means greater therapeutic results for thewholeperson. Your blend will be presented and given to you in a beautiful bottle.

I hope this has inspired you to come and meet our CAHPTry an aromatherapy treatment and involve yourself to learn more about the art of aromatherapy. Learn how to incorporate it into your every day life. Learn about which essential and carrier oils are best for you to use. Have a treatment, and then receive easy and inspiring selfcare to do at home with your bespoke oil blend in a beautiful bottle.

Please let me know if you need help or have additional questions.

by Dorota Lombardi, RMT and Certified Aromatherapy Practitioner

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