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Easy Tips to Protect Your Psyche

by Alexandra Gusinsky,
Registered Psychotherapist

February 2021

The world is going through a very difficult phase and a mentally negative phenomenon is growing. We all understand that the number one priority today (and not only today of course) is to have a strong immune system. Our immune system is influenced by many different factors including genetics, nutrition, sleep, as well as our PSYCHE which also has a very strong effect. The impact of ongoing, chronic stress is devastating for our mental and physical health. In order to adapt successfully and help our immune system to better fight infection, we can protect our psyche by maintaining the following psychological golden rule for balance – 80% of the information needs to be positive and 20% negative. Self-regulation with this concept in mind will help us to better survive this difficult phase.

I would like to share with you what works for me, especially knowing that it is safe and easy to apply. I deliberately limit the amount of news and negativity and watch comedies or old sitcoms on a daily basis.  This form of self-regulation can also include any physical activity that is enjoyable to you including, taking baths, arranging your room and crafting or taking care of plants. The goal is to maintain an inner balance of positivity that in turn will strengthen your immune system and sense of overall health and wellness.


Alexandra-8-1 I hope you find this helpful and that you remember to keep positive!

Please let me know if you need help or have additional questions.

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