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Cold Stone Massage Therapy

by Dorota Lombardi,
Registered Massage Therapist and Certified Aromatherapist

July 2021

We often hear about Hot Stone Massage Therapy in today’s massage therapy practices but what about Cold Stone Massage Therapy? It is usually very under looked but just like hot stone massage therapy, cold stone can be just as beneficial during most treatments and usually works very well together with the Hot Stone modality.

Cold does the exact opposite of what heat does but it is just as therapeutic. Cold stone therapy is good for the summertime to help energize and cool one down during regular hot days, but it can also be just as good for tension headaches and migraines during tough ones. The only time this modality is not effective is if compromised organ health exists (in which case, you would need to speak with your doctors for advice)


Hot stone massage therapy warms the skin and muscles; dilating (opening up) vessels and pores while cold stone massage therapy does the reverse by constricting (closing) vessels and pores; firming and toning the skin and muscles. You may wonder, “how would this massage modality Ever benefit me?”. Well, cold stone therapy not only complements the heated form of stone massage, but it can also stimulate your mood and energy too during down days. This is why it makes it the perfect modality for hot summer weather… to perk you right up! Leaving you feeling refreshed! Safe and effective essential oils could also be used in your treatment plan; adding to the many benefits.

If you look at history, cold stone and hot stone massage therapies have been used for centuries by many countries. Some have also used contrast therapy in the form of baths instead (baths made of marble or limestone) like in 1st century Rome or Turkey. Other countries such as China, Hawaii, Africa and India have also used stone therapy in the form of massage to benefit their views on health. Every country that made massage therapy popular used hot and cold stone therapy in some form. Thank goodness we know how to use it here too – to reap the benefits of this beautiful treatment! 😊So why not give cold stone therapy a try the next time you’re at KIH Clinic? Book it together with your Hot Stone Massage treatment to benefit from the two treatment modalities.


Until then, stay well and keep calm!

Please let me know if you need help or have additional questions.

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Dorota Lombardi
Registered Massage Therapist and Certified Aromatherapist

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