ADHD, What’s all the hype about?

Has your child been diagnosed with or demonstrate ADHD symptoms?

Impulsivity or lack of focus affects a child’s life, whether at home or at school, and can have negative impacts on their academic performance and ability to develop social relationships. Parents and caregivers often worry about affected children when their impulsivity sets them and / or others for trouble.

At KIH, the Neurodevelopment program is one that is uniquely designed to meet your child’s individual needs. Starting with the basics (intake, digestion, and sleep), this program will include effective strategies to improve focus, attention, impulsivity and other behavioral traits.

ADHD Program Overview

We will conduct a very thorough health history and symptom review.  Based on your little ones presentation we might suggest one or a combination of the following laboratory tests:

  • Organic Urinary Acids Test
  • Heavy Metal Toxicity Test
  • Comprehensive Stool Analysis
  • Candida Assessment
  • Food Sensitivity Test
  • Blood tests such as:  Celiac testing, vitamin/mineral analysis, thyroid, cholesterol, essential fatty acids and immune markers
  • Heavy metal testing

Very often food sensitivity testing is recommended in order to direct effective dietary modifications. Treatment will also include lifestyle changes such as healthy sleep habits, along with other routines that may be adjusted. Initial supplement recommendations will be made to address the concern of highest priority.

During the second appointment, a symptoms specific physical examination will be conducted along with a follow up on food sensitivity testing and further dietary changes including the elimination of sensitive foods. A referral to our holistic nutritionist, Leora Barak, will be available to parents who need extra guidance and structured meal plans. Additional supplementation or alterations to the initial protocol may be made based on the parents report of their child’s symptoms.

Future appointments will consist of a follow up on secondary symptoms such as disturbed sleep, anxiety, lack of focus, school performance, behaviour etc. Dietary changes and supplement revisions will be recommended, all based on you childs progress.

Treatments performed by:

KIH Naturopathic Doctor:

Dr. Sarah Tayebi, ND
Naturopathic Doctor